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Quickbooks Bootcamp

Summer 2019

Quickbooks LIVE Bookkeeping BootCamp

Are you spending WAY too much time keeping the books and not enough time growing your business?

Do you need a all encompassing course that can give you the tools to quit struggling with paperwork and Quickbooks to free to  you to grow your business ?

Many growing companies find they lack the funds for a staff bookkeeper so they recruit their spouses or office administrator and throw them in with little to no training. 

Or maybe you have taken a Quickbooks class but still feel like there’s something you don’t know and you’re buried in paperwork. If that sounds like you, join us for 2 days of intense bookkeeping and Quickbooks training. 

Traditional Quickbooks courses don’t address the entire picture. Aside from knowing Quickbooks, there is entire world of bookkeeping, tax and paperwork processes that you probably aren’t familiar with.

For instance:

  • What are best practices in processing all of the paperwork that comes your way?

  • Is there a way to streamline the bookkeeping process to make it more efficient?

  • What if you grow, is your infrastructure and processes ready to handle more people?

  • How do you collect money faster from your customers?

  • How do you make sure you aren’t overpaying your vendors?

Knowing Quickbooks can’t answer those questions. That’s why I created the Quickbooks Bookkeeping Boot Camp that incorporates good business processes into your accounting cycle.

In our 2 day INTENSE  Bookkeeping Boot Camp, your bookkeeper will learn:

  1. How to use Quickbooks for:

    • Banking and cash management (including on line banking)

    • Invoicing and accounts receivable management

    • Accounts payable and purchase orders

    • Credit card tracking

    • Inventory tracking

  2. How to organize incoming  paperwork for maximum efficiency.

  3. Creating a “never lose it again” filing system.

  4. How to read a financial statement to spot and correct errors.

  5. How to use Quickbooks to grow your business.

Your company will have a documented system for every area of your finances:

  • Find anything with a simple but effective filing system.

  • Pay bills on time using an accounts payable tracking process.

  • Get paid by customers on time and know where your accounts receivable stands.

  • Have a system in place for processing, payroll, employee reimbursements, wage  and new employee processing.

  • Have checklists  for creating financial reports that make sense and help you grow your business

Version: Quickbooks Pro/Premier Desktop 2019

When: TBD 

Where: Reno, NV

BONUS! Take home a huge binder packed with  24 years worth of resources to help you apply what you’ve learned.