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Quickbooks For Contractors 

Reno, NV  - July 19, 2019

Las Vegas, NV - August 9, 2019

Learn how to manage Job Costing, Estimating, Retention, Payroll Burden, and more with a full day of Quickbooks for Contractors Training. Construction accounting can be challenging. In this course you'll learn how to customize Quickbooks to fit your company's unique needs.

Struggling with Job Costing?

This course will teach you all of the functions that can help you manage your jobs better from beginning to end. Whether you are new to Quickbooks or a long time user, our course can teach you valuable skills to get timely, more accurate job and financial reports, and feel confident in the numbers. 

Why choose us? 

Unlike other popular classes, ours gives you expert guidance on integrating Quickbooks with best industry practices so you can master those daily tasks with ease. Taught by an EliteQuickbooks Pro-Advisor and Construction CPAwho has helped hundreds of QuickBooks users master the program since 1995. 


Course Contents

Getting Started


Dating Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Introduction to Find/Search Tools

Customizing Menus and Quick Links

Working with the Lists

Creating new accounts

Working with Sub-accounts

Editing and Merging Accounts

Deleting and Inactivating Accounts

Merging duplicate vendors/accounts/customer

Using classes

Setting Up & Using Items 

Understanding the Difference between Accounts and Items

Working with different Item types

Setting up items for accurate job costing

Understanding items, the core of your job cost tracking

Inventory Vs. Non-Inventory Parts

Creating Items and Sub Items

Editing, Deleting and Inactivating Items

Managing Customers and Accounts Receivables 

Create a New Customer, Create a New Job, job tracking

Create an Estimate for a Customer: Job

Create invoices from estimates or scratch

Change orders

Construction Draws

Progress invoicing


Using multiple A/R accounts

Receiving payments on an Invoice

Depositing customer payments in the bank

Receiving multiple customer payments to deposit

Receiving partial customer deposits

Applying discounts and write-offs to open invoices

Finance charges

Understanding Undeposited Funds

Producing Customer Statements

Managing Vendors and Accounts Payable

Create a New Vendor

Create a Purchase Order

Receive a Purchase Order into a Bill

Create a Vendor Bill from Scratch

Paying Bills

Deleting/Inactivating Vendors

Using multiple A/P accounts
Paying multiple bills
Paying partial vendor bills
Paying Expenses with a Credit Card

Taking discounts (tricks) 

Bill back items for customers

Vendor deposits/prepaid expenses

1099's, Sales tax tracking

Job costing

Managing Banking and Credit Cards

Managing multiple bank accounts, 

Working with the check register

Entering Income and Expense information in the register

Using Write Checks vs. Bills/Pay Bills Feature

The importance and significance of reconciling bank and credit card statements along with other accounts. 

Using an account register

Working with multiple bank accounts

Reconcile a Credit Card statement and loans

Making Bank Transfers with multiple bank accounts

Working with Petty Cash Account

Managing Job Cost in Payroll

Setting up payroll for job costing

Job costing payroll wages, benefits, and taxes


Allocating owner and partner time to a job

Allocating benefits/taxes to jobs

Tracking workers compensation

Analyzing Jobs

Profit and Loss by Job

How to handle WIP

Running job profitability reports

Tracking your company's gross margin on jobs

Using the Job Costing Center

Guidelines for getting job cost information from QuickBooks

Running job status reports

Analyzing Financial Reports

Analyzing a Profit and Loss / Balance Sheet Reports

How to read and understand a financial statement
Customizing a Report’s view 
Create Comparative Reports (Month-to-Month, 

Year over Year, etc…)

Budgeting by job 

Custom reports and forms

Looking for bookkeeping errors while analyzing reports
Working with most commonly used reports
Exporting Reports to Excel and PDF

Working with different templates
Adding Logo and simple customization


Audit Trail, Deleted transactions, Account balances

Bank reconciliations



Your Instructor

Tirena Jones, CPA is an Elite Quickbooks Pro-Advisor with over 24 years of experience in the construction industry. She has helped hundreds of Quickbooks users master not only the software but all aspects of their accounting including job management, internal controls, compliance and workflow.