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Quickbooks For Executives and Managers- Webinar

July 31, 2019

This 2 hour webinar is designed for leaders who aren't daily QuickBooks users but need an understanding of how Quickbooks works to ensure accurate financials. 

Version: Quickbooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise) 

Great for Non-profit directors, business owners, boards of directors, managers, officers. 

Course Contents: 

  • Basic Navigation

  • Understand how Quickbooks processes data and how to find data errors.

  • Extensive Reporting: 

    • Custom reports​

    • Report groups

    • Standard reports

    • Templates 

    • How to read financial statements

  • Verify account and bank reconciliations

  • Using the audit trail

  • Closing the year

  • Double check staff work

  • Using budgeting features

  • Setting up users for productivity and privacy

  • Securing your file, backups, dealing with file errors. 

  • How to implement internal controls in Quickbooks to reduce fraud risk.